Human Resources at EKOM

Our raison d’être lies distinctly with individuals and their needs, which is why every one of our employees is greatly valued. We are committed to building and maintaining a collaborative environment for EKOM Group employees, supporting their individual and professional development and to increasing efficiency.

Our subsistence draws on the strength of honest, trustworthy, transparent, achievement- and development-oriented individuals. Highly loyal team players that are quality-conscious and innovative. These criteria are also required for recruitment. Primarily focus is on the advancement of valued internal employees for any open positions.

In line with our HR policy, we strive to ensure that our employees put their potential to work in positions where they can fully capitalise on their potential, be productive and create value-add. Achieving business objectives and targets is unproblematic due to employees with jobs suited to their talents and aware of their individual contributions to business goals.

Our managers and HR team fairly evaluate employee skills and their performance based on the qualifications and skills required by the job. We are transparent with the employee regarding manager and co-worker expectations.

We constantly improve our organizational structure undergoes continuous changes and improvements in order to be able to better adapt to business conditions and developments. We strive to understand change and perceive it as an opportunity to do better. We nurture the innovation process with Human Resources practices. In our line of business, a customer-oriented approach is key, and together we produce sustainable projects that support development.

In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations, we provide a safe working environment and conditions for our employees. We also make an effort to provide our employees with a work environment that is reliable, fair and conductive to maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life.

All EKOM Group companies share a common Human Resources Policy. Human Resources practices, however, may vary according to the needs of each individual company.

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