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Audit Services


Do the physical conditions of your store or warehouse, level of stock, prices at points of sale, availability, number of fronts, and the manner in which your product and brand are presented comply with your corporate policies and standards?

Field checks are of great importance in developing employees who reflect your business. Thanks to advances in modern technology, field checks can be performed quickly, easily and effectively. Within the scope of our Audit Service, we assist our business partners by performing checks on all necessary and relevant information (price, use by date, availability etc.) as well as level (number) of stock at points of sale, stores or warehouses. Hygiene and compliance checks of distributor warehouses can also be carried out. All checks, audit processes and reports are shared with our business partners over our mobile application solutions.

Satış noktalarında marka ve ürünlerinizin daha çok tercih edilmesine yardımcı olalım.