Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

EKOM’s raison d'être lies with people and their needs. For this reason, every one of our employees is of great value to us.

We are committed to providing a collaborative environment for EKOM Group employees, supporting their individual and professional development and to increasing efficiency.

With our transparent and fair company and HR policies, we strive to keep our employees’ loyalty to EKOM Group at the highest level.

EKOM exists on the strength of honest, trustworthy, transparent, success and development oriented, teamwork-oriented, quality-conscious individuals with high loyalty and innovative team players. These criteria are also required for recruitment.

In line with our HR policy, we strive to ensure that our employees utilise their potential at the highest level in productive tasks. With jobs suited to our employees’ talents, achieving targets and business goals for EKOM is unproblematic.

Our managers and HR team fairly evaluate the performance of our employees based on the qualifications and skills required by the job and are transparent with the details. This promotes a healthy work environment for our employees.

We also make an effort to provide our employees with a work environment that is reliable, fair and conductive to maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life.

All EKOM Group companies share a common HR policy; however, HR practices may vary according to the needs of each individual company.